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13880367_10206932353290519_2734252044852423807_n1. Service times:

Worship Hour:      11:30 A.M.  – Every Sunday

Bible Study:    10:30 A.M. – Every Sunday

Bible Study:     5:00 PM – Every Wednesday

2. Non-instrumental – We are a ccapella only.

3. King James Version of the Bible is used as primary translation. We do not issue blanket condemnation on all other versions used for comparative study, but recognize the KJV as one of the most reliable.

4. Autonomous –  We are a self-governing congregation after the scriptural pattern. The biblical leadership in the First Century was made of qualified men appointed to be elders (also called Bishops, Overseers, Shepherds, Presbyters, and Pastors). There is always more than one man in a scriptural eldership. Where there are not enough men qualified to make up an eldership, the responsibility of the guidance of the congregation falls to the men of the congregation. This is the case with the James Street Church of Christ at this time. We hope and intend to have a qualified eldership some day.

5. Self-Supporting -We do not ask visitors for money, and we do not attempt to make money in any other way than by the contribution by our members. The contribution is taken only once in a a week, and only on the First Day of the week and is a free will offering, no tithe. (cf. 1Corinthians 16:1, 2).

6. Cooperation – We are not averse to working with other congregations of the churches of Christ whom we perceive to  be faithful to the Lord.

7. Bible Classes – We have adult and children Bible classes. During worship everyone remains together.

8. The Lord’s Supper – We follow the scriptural pattern of observing the Lord’s Supper (also sometimes called “communion”) every week, and only on the First Day of the week. We recognize that visitors may want to partake of it with us, and we do not presume to judge whether or not anyone should or should not. The emblems of this memorial to the body and blood of Jesus Christ are offered to all.

We use unleavened bread.

We use multiple containers to contain the “fruit of the vine” (i.e. grape juice) that memorializes the blood of Christ.

9. The Invitation –  We have a sermon/ lesson from God’s Word during the worship hour, at the end of which, we always offer the Lord’s invitation to come to Him by obeying the gospel plan of salvation. We also offer to those who have done so in the past the opportunity to publicly confess and repent from public sin, for which we would offer public prayer on their behalf.

These items do not complete a comprehensive list of beliefs or practices, nor do they attempt to prove them by the scriptures. This list is designed as a public service to any who might desire to know what sort of congregation meets at 3816 West Fountain Road in Ludington, Michigan, and these topics are often telling-signs that people are interested to know when seeking to visit with the churches of Christ.

We are happy to answer further questions, and we would be pleased to discuss the Bible with you. Call us anytime 231-425-6044

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